Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Top 11 Most Haunted Places In The United States

Now, more than ever before, the average, non-psychic person to detect, or “feel” the presence of the supernatural.

Hollywood and television shows with supernatural themes have resulted in an increase in “haunted places”.

Some places in the US are widely reputed to be haunted, and if you enjoy the supernatural, then these locations must appear on your bucket list.

Here is a selection of America’s most haunted places.

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20.Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

All along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal in Maryland, numerous people reported seeing ghosts and other paranormal activities.

From dead soldiers from the American Civil War, headless man hunting to lady ghosts.

19.Ferry Plantation House

Ferry Plantation House Photo Credit

The house in Virginia Beach built 1830, is believed that is haunted by 11 ghosts.

Today is a museum and apparently residence of souls of former owners, slaves and people drawn nearby.