Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Incredible Photos Of The Titanic Under Construction That You May Not Have Seen Before

Engineered to be the largest and most luxurious steamship in the world, the Titanic was truly a marvel of modern engineering.

Construction started in 1909 and using the latest technology, the Harland Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland created what they thought to be an unsinkable ship.

“Not even God himself could sink this ship.”  was allegedly said by a White Star Employee.

We all know how this tragic story ended, now we can see how it began!

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Laying down the keel

The Titanic gantry; a gantry is a crane system that maneuvers over the top of a ship in the dockyard carrying materials and workers to the heights and depths of building ships.

The Titanic’s 220-foot Gantries were custom built to meet the needs of such a monstrous vessel and can be seen here.

Internal Construction

A rare view of Titanic’s internal construction, 1910.

The largest luxury cruise vessel of its time, the ship was designed to be the biggest and highest quality ship available; had everything from an indoor pool, to a diner, to three different classes for passengers.

One of the most magnificent vessels to ever sail the Atlantic ocean, an example of craftsmanship, technology, and majesty.