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These Haunting Portraits Show The Lincoln Assassination Conspirators, 1865

In the turmoil that followed the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, scores of suspected accomplices were arrested and thrown into prison.

All the people who were discovered to have had anything to do with the assassination or anyone with the slightest contact with Booth or Herold on their flight were put behind bars.

Among the imprisoned were:

  • Louis J. Weichmann, a boarder in Mrs. Surratt’s house;
  • Booth’s brother Junius (playing in Cincinnati at the time of the assassination);
  • Theater owner John T. Ford, who was incarcerated for 40 days.
  • James Pumphrey, the Washington livery stable owner from whom Booth hired his horse;
  • John M. Lloyd, the innkeeper who rented Mrs. Surratt’s Maryland tavern and gave Booth and Herold carbines, rope, and whiskey the night of April 14;
  • Samuel Cox and Thomas A. Jones, who helped Booth and Herold escape across the Potomac.

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John Wilkes Booth, assassin of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

A man (name undisclosed) arrested on suspicion of being a conspirator.